Our club became the first club in the District (41 clubs) and the 3rd in the Zone (25 Districts) to achieve the status of Premier Ignite Club!
If you were not aware, the Rotary Zone Director, Ken Boyd, developed this program to help grow Rotary club memberships. This program was designed to create the activity that would help us grow and retain members.
Depending club size, each club needed to score a certain number of points in order to qualify for the premier status.  We needed 310 points to qualify.  On August 29th, when we inducted Conrad Spadero and Phil Stein, we achieved exactly 310 points.  At the Fireside Chat and Social, we scored another 25 points.  Bringing our total to 335.
How can you help? Continue to share with others what Rotary is all about, and invite them to one of our meetings.  Remember, we became a Premier Club by working together; and in order to achieve Brad's goals, we need to keep the momentum moving forward.