This week we were joined by soon to be fifth time Mayor of Loomis, Walt Scherer.  In addition to his long term career as a local politician, Walt has also served the great state of California as a fraud investigator for the Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling.  There is an astounding $1.7 billion dollars worth of funds that exchange hands through Beverage Container Recycling Program on an annual basis.  

The Program concentrates on the recycling of aluminum, glass, plastic, and bimetal (imported beers) containers.  Interestingly, containers holding wine, distilled spirits, dairy, or grape juice are exempt from participation in the Program.

Walt walked us through the detailed process of container recycling which opened our eyes to the possibilities for fraud.


The Department has invested over $1 million in equipment that is used to analyze the inks and papers of the documents that are submitted to the Department to determine if they have been altered in any way.  In addition to documents being altered, fraudsters also claim materials that have been previously bailed; bring in containers from out of state; and claim rejected containers that never entered the market.

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