We were pleased to have Tony Asaro join us this week.  Tony is the Director of the Rivercats Foundation and numerous other non-profit organizations in the Greater Sacramento region. 



Tony speaks to over 200 students at school assemblies throughout the state on an annual basis - sharing the importance of character and integrity.  He focuses on three important topics:  relationships - our most valuable assets; cause - become involved in a cause greater than yourself; and finish - always finish whatever you start no matter the obstacles you have to overcome in order to make it happen.  

Tony announced that April 21st is Rotary Day at the Rivercats.  "End Polio Now" is the goal for the event.  A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to supporting this important cause.  Tickets purchased for this event, can be used towards any future game during the season.  If you are not a fan of our nations greatest pastime, please purchase tickets that can be given to children who cannot afford to attend on their own.  

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