Today we had the pleasure of having LCDR Ted Robinson speak again about his WWII experiences. Since he previously recounted his rescue of JFK, this time he decided to tell about a fellow sailor under his command.
Earl was a trouble maker from Harlem and from a tough upbringing. Early in his career, Earl was caught stealing and LCDR Robinson had to make a decision on Earl’s future. He decided to give him another chance. Later, while trying to rescue troops, LCDR Robinson was stuck in a bay and his only chance of getting out was for one of the smaller wooden boats to ramp his boat. It was a suicide mission. 
LCDR Robinson looked out and saw Earl's boat going full speed at his boat, and the impact allowed to his boat to steer his out of the bay.
After getting to safe open waters, LCDR Robinson stopped his boat to decide whether they should return to the bay to see if they could find Earl; when off in the distance they heard a small motor coming toward them. It was Earl on what was left of his boat.

Earl became a much decorated, career Navy man. 

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