Two Cars, Two Lines, One Solution!!!!

The Rotary Club of Rocklin/Loomis Basin awards mini-grants every November to teachers with a project that meets our guidelines!  THIS WAS A PROJECT!  Josh Hanosh, a 7th grade algebra teacher at Springview Middle School, used the theory that "When students "do" rather than "memorize", it greatly affects how students learn and what they learn!!  Oh to go back to middle school again - using this method we could all learn algebra!!  Demonstrating this point, Josh used several "do" methods for his students to learn the concept of algebra....then there was this project - using the cars he taught them that if you use two points of data they can find the equation of a line!!!

Image  Image

        Josh Hanosh                                        Students demonstrating

They also learned that the application of solving a system graphically and algebraically allows them to gain an answer that they can then observe!!  Brilliant!!

It is always rewarding when you realize that all the work we do in Rotary is helping others...service above self!

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The students, who were at the meeting and demonstrated the project, were so proud of themselves for what they accomplished!  Life skills that were also learned in this project:

  • How to measure
  • The importance of accuracy
  • Working in a group
  • Perseverance  Problem solving

It is more than Algebra, it is learning and doing in life!!  Congratulations Mr. Hanosh for a job well done!