"WAKE UP, KICK BUTT, BE KIND, REPEAT..."  These were some of the thoughts passed on by our speaker at our July 9th meeting, David Bartley.  David, a former NASA employee and currently a loan officer with Vitek Mortgage had a background that all of us hope we never have to face.  However, it was this adversity that has shown him why he is here today and what he has to give to every one of us...and you, and you, and to himself!


When he came to the end of his "rope" in 2010 is when he realized that he was at that end for everyone else except himself.  His reality was that he needed to help himself before he could help anyone else.  He discovered that the question was "what's wrong with you?" as opposed to 'what happened to you?"  

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Since facing the reality of losing everything...his marriage, his business, and his home, David has discovered that the purpose of your life is doing something you have never done before!!  His journey to this point in his life, which is a positive place that all of us could learn from, tells an interesting story.  

To learn more, click here to watch a short video of the business that was his life, only to be lost a few years ago!!!  A wonderful, heart-warming story, but a lesson to us all as to the effects of mental health in our lives, the need to take care of yourself, and a true story of the meaning of "Service Above Self"!