Today's meeting started with a Swedish proverb read by Orley Anderson -

Fear less, hope more,
Whine less, breathe more,
Talk less, say more,
Hate less, love more -
Then all good things
Will be yours!!

Orley  Caoch Roz

Coach Roz - Greg Roeszler - shared his philosophy of using football as a magnet and conduit to get at-risk kids engaged!

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Using some of the Rotary philosophy, Coach Roz is the Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation and is an author and speaker who gave us some astonishing statistics:

  • Two out of 5 kids in the US are living in a fatherless home
  • 125,000 kids are carrying guns to school
  • Heroin is on the rise with high school kids

Playmakers uses football to pull kids into an after-school program with 60 kids,  and a waiting list, that:

  • Is free!
  • Works on academics 3 days a week - doing homework and concentrating on reading!
  • Play tackle football with the kids!

Playmakers also runs a summer football program with over 600 kids!

According to Coach Roz and confirmed by several of the attendees, a Coach can be one of the most influential people in the community!

Playmakers promotes "unity in the community"!!  What a great program!