Early Wednesday morning is a great time to hear the Rocklin City Manager, Rick Horst, boast about how great volunteerism is...and the Rotary Club of Rocklin/Loomis Basin exemplifies that statement!!

Rick also shared with us the current "state" of the City and what is going well in Rocklin!!


According to Rick, "Volunteerism involves engagement...he believes in it, knows it is at the heart of our City and is critical to the life of a City."

He discussed what is going well in Rocklin:

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The City of Rocklin is doing well:

  • We have new shopping centers;
  • The Council is very cautious about their money;
  • It will be another 10 years before the City is build out (all land developed) and we will be at about 82,000 people, and revenue streams will diminish dramatically;
  • Therefore, we have a 10-year objective to
    • Transition the budget to recurring funds; 
    • Look at land uses
    • Take care of the $6M leakage of revenue into other communities;
    • Complete the Highway 65/Whitney Ranch development interchange;
    • Take care of City property and beautify downtown;
    • Create ziplines, rock climbing and other activities in the Big Gun Quarry area;
    • Decrease the business license expenses to encourage job growth and investments from businesses

Not a new quote, but Rick states "You have to invest money to make money!"

There was some discussion about the roundabouts, with the consensus that these cost less money than 4-way traffic lights at those intersections.  And, guess what, there may be more coming!!

It was a pleasure to hear all that Rick had to share...what a great place to live and work - Rocklin!!!